Woodpecker Finch consults Companies focusing on the Process of Digitalization.

We use the possibilities of digital transformation in order to apply vivid changes to the company’s cultures and to enthral their customers.

We are currently witnessing a digitalization that reshapes our economy and society essentially. Digital customers and employees are also increasingly coining your company identity in a bottom-up fashion. Digital business models, shorter development cycles and consumers that are networked online demand different methods and ways of thinking than the classical analogue world. Participation, networking and innovation are coining our company structures from the inside. Digitalization is not merely a technological leap. It is the engine of a cultural upheaval. An upheaval that – designed from an active customer’s perspective – leads to success.

As a transformation consultant, we use the energy of the upheaval and prepare our customers for a digital future. Together we will work out your way to Your Company 4.0, a meaningful and value-adding experience. Our expertise lies in the ability to help you move your customers’ digital perspectives into the focus of your organization and to guide your team the way.

We focus on Four Subject Areas


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